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Our Plan

cutredtapeOur Plan:

1.  Make Nebraska’s Job Licensing Consistent

2.  Recognize More Licenses

3.  Cut Red Tape

Bureaucratic red tape is putting too many good jobs out of reach for hardworking Nebraskans like Brandy, Ilona, and Luke

Nearly 200 different jobs in Nebraska require a government license, and many of us can’t afford the expensive and lengthy requirements.

Red tape regulation is placing a hidden tax on Nebraskans, too. Our current system of job licensing is costing your family over $900 a year.

Sometimes, Nebraska’s burdensome job licensing requirements are unheard of even in our neighboring states, creating unnecessary obstacles for Nebraska’s economy, and our low-income workers, military families, and new small businesses.

It’s time to remove these barriers to the Good Life.

Our Strong Jobs Nebraska plan offers a sensible way to cut red tape and create more businesses and better jobs in Nebraska.

Tell the Legislature to Let Nebraskans Work!


We want to hear your story. How is red tape regulation affecting your family or business?


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Red tape regulation shouldn’t stand in the way of families living the Good Life. I support creating more and better jobs by reforming Nebraska’s occupational licensing laws.


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